About Us

R.C.G. is proud to be a value-based business. All our dealings are based on mutual respect. Operating for 10 years as a contracting business Canada-wide, including Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, R.C.G. has now evolved into a professionally skilled labour service, specializing in a variety of areas. We embrace only the best practices for best results in all endeavours.


Our clients can expect the highest degree of expertise and productivity. Always fulfilling our projects to their specifications, while considering their best interests, is our priority. Our established clientele respect this aspect of our business, thus forming mutually beneficial business relationships.


We provide our skilled labourers with a living wage and encourage a goal based mentality. Incentive rewards for efficiency and professionalism are common practice. This ensures we stay ahead of schedule whenever possible, therefore minimizing stress for all involved, and allowing our clients to quickly move on to their next priority.


At R.C.G., we understand that taking care of people who take care of our clients is the best way to prosper. Known as "inverting the management pyramid", it asks the leaders what's more important: making quick money now, or thriving long term as a fair company that supports its employees and ensures success for all. R.C.G. knows that when employees are trained, appreciated and empowered, everybody wins.


Robinson Rainey has been involved in many successful businesses over the past 25 years. His family is respected in finance, banking, construction and education.

He began his career as a tool and die apprentice with Delco Industries. In his ten years with them, his experience ranged from working on the floor in manufacturing all the way to working with management, dealing with large clients including General Motors, Bombardier, and Canadian National Railway.

Robinson's diverse experience has proved effective in building R.C.G. despite Alberta's recession over the past two years. He prides himself on achieving best results through positive motivation and his ability to relate and effectively interact with people on all levels.